How Could Deportation become Illegal Deportation? (The Case of Deportation of Myanmar Nationals by Malaysia)

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Fransiska A. Susanto
Yasniar Rachmawati Majid
M. Akbar Nursasmita


February 2022; Malaysia deported more than 1000 undocumented migrants from Myanmar back to Myanmar, even though a coup d’état had already occurred in Myanmar. This paper will explore the nexus between coup d’état and well-founded fear of persecution and assess the decision by Malaysia to deport Myanmar immigrants back to Myanmar with the nonrefoulement principle. This paper's findings showed a clear nexus between a coup d’état and well-founded fear of persecution to some extent; the nexus appears when the Coup creates uncertainty in citizen's live and people in a dangerous situation. Consequently, the deportation decision by Malaysia violated the non-refoulment principle, and the deportation became illegal. This paper utilized the normative method to analyze the research problem. 

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Susanto, F. A., Majid, Y. R., Ikaningtyas, & Nursasmita, M. A. (2023). How Could Deportation become Illegal Deportation? (The Case of Deportation of Myanmar Nationals by Malaysia). Padjadjaran Journal of International Law, 7(2), 193 - 214.


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