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TRANSNATIONAL BUSINESS LAW JOURNAL Transnational Business Law Journal is a journal published by the Department of Transnational Business Law, Faculty of Law Universitas Padjadjaran. Transnational Business Law Journal publishes its articles annually every February and August. The articles published by Transnational Business Law Journal are scientific articles that explain a research result and analytical review The Journal's scope includes the following:
Transnational Business Law, International Trade Policy, International Trade Theory, Multilateral, and Regional Trade, International Commercial Arbitration, Globalization Development and Trade, Transnational Corporations and Trade, Investment Arbitration Public-Private Partnership and Investment, Regional Law Studies, International Financial Markets and Institutions, Shipping Law, Maritime Law, Trade Financing, Intellectual Property Rights and Trade.

Vol. 1 No. 2 (2020): TRANSNATIONAL BUSINESS LAW JOURNAL, Volume 1, Number 2, Agust 2020

We are delighted to share our newly published paper at Transbusiness Law Journal (TBLJ) edition No 1 Volume 2 August 2020. In this edition, we serve wider topics to be discussed throughout academicians and practitioners. 

Lex Mercatoria seems to be very new for some people, in this edition we have papers discussing new Lex Mercatoria as part of a new solution in commercial dispute commercial arbitration. Furthermore, at the domestic level, we had skyrocketing airline fares and it will be robustly discussed by one of our authors which have a strong basis argument. Afterward, under the implementation of the Indonesia-European Union Comprehensive Economic Partnership (EU-CEPA) Indonesia still have challenged by product non-discriminatory issue. Indeed if we are talking about products there must be a transaction at the user level. During Covid-19 the number of online transaction is soaring and there must have any specific risk and the electronic transaction itself have self-regulation which in this paper will be hence up using Lex Informatica approach. Finally, based modern and globalization era brings up a question, is possible for a foreign lawyer to have practiced in other countries? this issue has raised at least since several decades ago because with much foreign investment settle in one country it needs to be assistance with not only prominent infrastructure but with prowess lawyers which understand of investment, and several countries still have limited number of such lawyers needed.

Published: 2021-05-04

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