About the Journal

Jurnal Poros Hukum Padjadjaran (JPHP) publishes peer-reviewed public and private law articles from scholars, policy makers, and legal practitioners. The majority parts of the journal focus on national related issues; other parts focus on comparative and transnational law issues, to stand on Indonesian perspective to global problem.
JPHP publishes its content in Bahasa Indonesia as most of the readers and authors will relatively be more familiar with the use legal terminology and avoid some misunderstanding because of the translation to other languages. Nevertheless, we particularly do welcome articles written in English for comparative and transnational law manuscripts due to practicability for expanding reach access to non-Indonesian readers. the openly access journal is managed and prepared by academician and supporting staffs of the Magister of Laws Faculty of Law Universitas Padjadjaran to contribute to positive changes in law. This journal is available in print and online and highly respects the publication ethic and avoids any type of plagiarism.